The radial shaft seal by DOMSEL AG is a sealing element for rotating machine parts such as shafts, spindles, power take offs, etc. One of the main advantages of the radial shaft seal with membrane collar is that the friction torque of the sealing lip is 50 to 65% less than conventional seals. In this manner the frictional heat is greatly reduced and the allowed surface speed is increased.

Special Features of our Radial Shaft Seals with Membrane Collars:

– Safety for normal and extremely difficult sealing problems
– Surface speed up to 32 m/Sec.
– Pressure up to 15 bar
– Off centre variations up to 0.4 mm
– Radial run out up to 0.3 mm
– Temperature stability from –60°C to +200°C
– Minimal friction torque
– Minimal scoring on the shaft due to absence of spring preload
– Continuous operation

The Radial Membrane Shaft Seals of DOMSEL AG are mainly used in machine construction, for example for motors, drivers, spindles, etc. but also for pumps and compressors as well as blower applications, in vehicle construction, for welding rolls, in space travel, etc.

Numerous leading apparatus, machine and motor manufacturers worldwide appreciate the quality of our Radial Shaft Seals.